The Friends of Millwood received a grant from Wildlife Trust that we will be working on over the next few years.


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Our Natural Choices project, as described on our home page is called Friends in Millwood and we hope new people will come along and join us, to enjoy some outdoor work, photographic sessions and walks we are planning in our local woods.   The activity sessions are being organised for the group by our partners the Wildlife Trust, based on woodland management tasks that need plenty of hands to complete them!  The Wildlife Trust organise the management of Millwood and Alderwood (along with many other sites) and they want to share their knowledge about the wildlife and habitats in the woods with existing members of the Friends group and new members that we hope to attract.

We have decided to add a fun element to our monthly meetings, by including a walk and talk around the woods, looking at the wildlife, checking on the trees and taking photos of everything we have enjoyed.  This is a chance for us do a bit of exercise, but nothing too hectic, as this is meant to be fun, not training for the Olympics!    The date of our next walk is Tuesday 22nd May.  We have uploaded some of the photos from our first walk on our projectdirtliverpool page and will put more up here after that walk.

As part of this programme we are going to organise free community events in our new local community centre, Noah’s Ark, including making bird boxes.  More dates and pictures will be put up here soon, so keep an eye on this page please!