Welcome to 2016

It’s going to be a busy one.  There’s a couple of projects under our belts. We have already starting the year off working with The Lancashire Wildlife Trust,  Earthworks Liverpool Ltd and LCC on a Project funded by Liverpool City Councillors.  Work started,  in December 2015 and finish in March 2016.

It will be done over two phases. As working in a Woodland is an on going job here are some of the jobs that will be undertaking.

  • The pond needs enhancing, the inflow improving plus some of the fishing pegs are getting upgraded.
  • Improving access and pathways.
  • Habitat work improving the Millwoods for wildlife & making it feel more open and less threatening.
  • Plus creating an area for children to have a Forest School.
  • Do wildflower planting on the woods perimeter.
  •  Update a survey of wildlife & plants.

Plus we are working with Earthworks Liverpool Ltd on a project funded by SLH for us to work with local School Middlefield, Speke Adventure Playground known locally as the Venny.

Starting the year off with some work in Alderwood which has been mainly left to nature. We recently got a Tree Surgeon to cut back some of the trees that had become dangerous.

On one of our sessions we marked a plot out ready for the children to do wildflower planting.

We will also be doing Community Days they are open to all they start at 12pm on the SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH BETWEEN JANUARY AND MAY. At the green gate entrance to Millwood, Alderfield Drive, behind the Margret Thompson Centre.

If you would like to come along and join us and get involved just turn up or feel free to get in touch.




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