Woodland Trust

Earlier this year the Friends of Millwood & Alderwood helped the Woodland Trust to advertise the help they give to groups with grants by interviews both on Radio Merseyside & in the Liverpool Echo.  The Friends were successful in securing a grant that has enabled us to carry on working with the local Schools & The Venny again.  Children were able to go back to see the fruits of their labour from when we worked with them last year.

There are always on going jobs to be done one of the worst was removing a car from the pond and other cars off the pathway.

With the hard work of Lancashire Wildlife Trust and some heavy duty machinery thankfully they got them out.  There was a few feet long Eel living in it along with other pond life.


The Friends group has been going out into the local community to events that other groups & local authorities held to encourage more people to come along and use the woods.  The first was in Garston Urban Village were we got people to make bird boxes, seed balls, planted wildflower seeds, and gave out our leaflets. It was a really wet & windy day so everyone had to stay inside.  It was nice chatting to other groups and finding out what they do. Members from Earthworks &  the Millwoods walking group & Mersey Forest also attended on that day.

The Venny had an event that was a really busy day the group ended up running out of wood for the bird boxes and seeds for the balls so we had to finish up early as it started to pour with rain. Through going there we got invited to go along to other events.

We went to the Palm House in Sefton Park with Five Families and that day we along with Mersey Forest just did plant pots. It was mostly toddlers & it was surprising as they didn’t want to wear gloves unlike older children who are mostly  frightened of getting their hands dirty.

Sludge pipe

United Utilities has restarted work on the sludge pipe that needs replacing.   Work stopped earlier this year due to the bad weather it is due to be finished by 15th September 2017.  Please be careful going around the woods due to heavy machinery. Once they finish the will be making good the pathways.

Spring is on it’s way.

It’s a lovely sunny day after the storm yesterday.  Sat looking at my daffodils in the sunshine makes you think that Springs on the way after all the dull grey days.

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has been doing a splendid job on the trenching. They have also done work on the fishing pegs that were sinking while tidying the pond they found a large eel it was a few feet long.  They are still working away in the woods hope the weather improves for them.

United Utilities should be back soon to finish the work on the Sludge pipe & they will be making good the pathways. Which will make it easier to get around.  Especially be good for the local walking group run by Katie Miller, that runs from The Place to Be Café in Eastern Ave, Speke on Friday mornings at 10am in term time.

We are having more planting & den days with the local schools & the Venny playground.  Plus project days anyone can come along to & join in. As soon as we get the dates from Earthworks I will put dates on here.

We have a lot of upcoming projects with Mersey Forest coming up.

Survey of some of the birds and animals living in the Millwood.

Here is an outline of some of the birds living in Millwood, I wonder how many you can spot or some we have missed.

Owls, long tailed tits, great tits, blue tits, black birds, mistle thrush, song thrush, wrens, field fares, buzzards, warblers, kestrals, sparrow hawks, magpipes, crows, jays, rooks, chaffinches, linnets, gold finches, green finches,bull finch,woodpecker, greater spotted wood pecker, cuckoo,black caps, wood pigeon, pigeons, collared doves, skylark, house martin, swallows, nuthatches, jenny wrens, robbin, pied wagtail, grey wagtail, coots, morehens, mallard ducks, swans, partridges, pheasent, heron, starlings, kestrals, jackdaws, dunnick, hedge sparrows, tree sparrows, house sparrows,

Here’s some of the wildlife foxes, rabbits, weasels, grey squirrels, mice, rats, hedgehogs, shrews, voles, frogs, toads, moles, newts,

There are many varieties of insects, fishes, plants, flowers and fauna.  They will keep till another day. Enjoy your visit to the woods, be careful when all the work starts.

Walking for Health

Walking for health oranisation will be doing walks around Millwood, commencing friday 9th September, every friday morning during term time at 10am from The Place to Be Cafe, 10 Eastern Avenue, Speke, L24.  Everyone is welcome to join. the walk leader is Kathryn Miller.

Work to start on sludge pipe, plus project work.

The work due to start on sludge pipe in Millwood was suspended due to United Utilities doing a survey for Great Crested Newts.  The work is now due to start in first or second week of September so the green gate will be blocked off for the duration of the work.  A bridge will be put in further along the pathway for people to be able to enter the  woods.


Also Lancashire Wildlife Trust work will start on project, clear pathways, clear around the pond as well as the flowpipe. cutting trees back especially any dead ones. put more trenches in around the perimeter. do more planting of shrubs and wildflowers.

United Utilities

Please be careful going around Millwood as work is been undertaken by United Utilities on the Mersey Valley Sludge Pipeline which needs replacing.  So there will be 30 ton diggers going up and down pathways for next 6 months at least.

Millwood & Alderwood Local Community Involvement Project.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood have just finished a project funded by SLH. It was to increase involvement with the local community.

Marketing leaflets were distributed throughout Speke to encourage adults and families to get involved with the Friends of Millwood & Alderwood.

Sessions took place throughout January and February.  Key stage 1 children from Middlefield had sessions on Thursdays  The Venny on Saturdays & Thursday in half term.   They really enjoyed themselves digging, planting and building dens. Earthworks Liverpool Ltd provided the educational and environmental activities.

In all it involved 51 children, 25 young people and 27 adults. This was over 9 different activity days, whilst also enhancing 0.5 hectares of Alderwood which is an acient semi-natural woodland.

All enjoyed it that much they want to carry on and have been using the site with families and friends.

Welcome to 2016

It’s going to be a busy one.  There’s a couple of projects under our belts. We have already starting the year off working with The Lancashire Wildlife Trust,  Earthworks Liverpool Ltd and LCC on a Project funded by Liverpool City Councillors.  Work started,  in December 2015 and finish in March 2016.

It will be done over two phases. As working in a Woodland is an on going job here are some of the jobs that will be undertaking.

  • The pond needs enhancing, the inflow improving plus some of the fishing pegs are getting upgraded.
  • Improving access and pathways.
  • Habitat work improving the Millwoods for wildlife & making it feel more open and less threatening.
  • Plus creating an area for children to have a Forest School.
  • Do wildflower planting on the woods perimeter.
  •  Update a survey of wildlife & plants.

Plus we are working with Earthworks Liverpool Ltd on a project funded by SLH for us to work with local School Middlefield, Speke Adventure Playground known locally as the Venny.

Starting the year off with some work in Alderwood which has been mainly left to nature. We recently got a Tree Surgeon to cut back some of the trees that had become dangerous.

On one of our sessions we marked a plot out ready for the children to do wildflower planting.

We will also be doing Community Days they are open to all they start at 12pm on the SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH BETWEEN JANUARY AND MAY. At the green gate entrance to Millwood, Alderfield Drive, behind the Margret Thompson Centre.

If you would like to come along and join us and get involved just turn up or feel free to get in touch.




Sorry we’ve been away

We haven’t updated this site for a while. Some of the group have had ill health and one of our members has passed away. So we had a break. Were sorry also if anyone emailed us as we had to change it to the one above.  The old one no longer works as we’re unable to get into it.

Were hoping to start a new project in near future.

We have new member joined they are very enthusiastic hoping to attract more people to the woodland & pond through there contacts.

They aquired fish for the pond locally as the owners no longer want them & moved them yesterday in to there new home.  It was a long day for them catching & moving them.

One of them went fishing & said that  a lot more people were fishing in the pond today.



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