Bats Galore (hopefully!)

We have linked up with the The Merseyside and West Lancashire Bat Group who have kindly offered us a guided bat walk in Millwood, this is a great opportunity to learn from the experts about the amazing creatures and to have an exciting explore and get a bit batty!  Obviously wtih wildlife we can’t guarantee what we’ll see but bats do live in our area so hopefully we will see plenty of them around our great woodland.

We’re meeting at the main entrance to the wood (greengate on Alderfield Drive) at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th Sept, come and join the fun!



Thank you Tweets

The birds in Speke are tweeting away as a result of the brilliant event we organised this week!  Now, we don’t mean blue tits and robins have started going online on Twitter, oh no!  We mean, the Friends of Millwood and Alderwood, along with a class from Middlefield Primary school and volunteers, staff and visitors to the Noah’s Ark centre together made more than 10 bird boxes!  Pupils from the school worked diligently with the help of the Lancahire Wildlife Trust and Treedom, fitted all the pieces in the correct places and used hammers and screw drivers, with no hurt fingers, to produce great new homes for our local bird life.  The Friends will be installing the boxes in the local woods over the next few weeks and younger children at the Noah’s Ark creche helped provide food for the birds too, by rolling balls of lard around in a bowl of seeds, these will be hung up in their gardens, hopefully encouraging more wildlife into the area because we have provided more food and homes for them.

Such activities are part of the Natural Choices project, Friends in Millwood and they are important to encourage more community members to come along and get involved in our activities.  By creating homes for wildlife we are also helping birds to get set up and start a family in our area!!

Our next activity will be at the start of August to help Heartwood Tree Services to improve Alderwood and turn it into a Forest School area, so watch this space as we’ll give dates and times of when we’ll be out clearing the old, dead branches that the tree surgeons will be chopping down with chainsaws, to make a usable space next to St Ambrose primary school.

We will also be going on our regular photography and wildlife watching walk on Tues August 14th, so if you have a camera that is in need of a dusting off and being taken out and about, we’ll be meeting at Noah’s Ark at 10am and will go out for a chat and a walk in the woods, come along with us and see what you can spot!

Here’s a photo of Helen and John with his completed box!


John's helping the birds!


Bird Box making

The Friends of Millwood and Alderwood are getting their hammers out!

We’re offering everyone the chance to make bird boxes, which we will then go and put up in the trees in our local woods to help provide new homes for birds such as blue tits.  Why not come down to the new community centre in Speke, Noah’s Ark on Ganworth Rd,  on Tuesday 10th July from 10-2 and join in the fun?


Seed gathering

 Have you noticed all the changes happening on and around plants recently in your garden or local park/wood recently?  Lots of pollen is blowing in the breeze (which is very annoying if you have hayfever!) and seeds are popping out on trees and plants all over the place.  The Friends of Millwood are organising a seed collection day in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust and Treedom and the more collectors the better, so please come and join us!  We will be going for a walk to gather as many different types of seeds as we can on Tues 12th June, meeting at 10am at the green gate on Alderfield Drive.  Then we will be going to our new community centre, Noah’s Ark on Ganworth Road, to examine the seeds and pot them up, from 12pm.  Everyone is welcome to come along for the walk or the seed sorting at the centre.  In the longer term we hope these seeds can be transplanted out in to a nursery area at the centre and years down the line we will transplant them out in to the woods.  Now this process obviously happens naturally but we want to offer the opportunity for local people to learn about and enjoy their local woods and help nature in areas where humans haven’t necessarily helped them (for example by pulling new saplings up, or driving over them in 4x4s).

Please dress suitably for a morning out in the woods – suncream if the weather’s like this, or boots & coat if it gets a bit wet again.  Gloves will be provided and refreshments in the centre after our walk.  If you’ve never been to Millwood before, this is the activity for you!

Friends in Millwood Natural Choices

We have been lucky to gain funding for our new project, Friends in Millwood, from Liverpool PCT and the Mersey Forest.  This has enabled the group to organise woodland activity sessions and community events in our woods and we hope these new activities will encourage more local people to come and join us and enjoy the wonderful woods.  We are working with the Wildlife Trust and a new community organisation called Treedom and are offering you opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends.  Our next session is on Tuesday May 8th, meeting at 10.30am at the green gate entrance to Millwood, opposite the Margaret Thompson medical centre. We will be learning how to manage bracken plants.  Please visit our new page Events to get all the extra information about what we will be doing over the next few months.  We hope to see you down in the woods with us soon!

Hello world!

welcome to our new website

The Millwood & Alderwood is one of the only few ancient woodland in Merseyside dating back to before 13th Century it formed part of the larger Royal hunting forest of  Hale Wood also supplying Oak trees for the building of ships in the nearby Hale Bank.  The woodland has many species uniquley associated with ancient woodland such as Wood Sorrel, Wood Anemome, Dog Mercury.

Now a days if you walk through the woodland your more likely to find people fishing in the largest of the 3 ponds!  If you come in the spring time there are 1,000’s of tadpoles swimming about, it’s also awash with Blue Bells.  As the season progress on you will see all the Dragonflies, Butterflies such as Orange Tip, Common Blue if you look up among  the tree tops you may spot some Purple Hairstreaks?

There are many birds such as Sparrowhawk, Blackcap, Buzzard, Great Spotted Woodpecker.

The Friends of  Millwood & Alderwood have won many awards for the work they have undertaken including a Green Hero’s Award they are also awaiting a plaque from the BBC for planting 400 tree in the tree o’clock world record.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood are showing some of the photographs taken in the woods at Neighbours Day on Friday 4th June 2010 at The Parklands, Conleach Road, Speke, Liverpool 24 from noon until 4pm.  The event is free.

The Neighbours Day went well, it was a shame the wind was so gusty as the photographs kept going to take flight along with the posters!  Many people chatted about the woods as a lot more people know about the woods & use them more since the group started.  It was good interacting with other groups.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood have received a  grant from Liverpool City Councils, Councillors Community Initiative fund to enable the group to have much needed work carried out in the woods.  The Friends will be working in partnership with Mersey Forest, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, LCC  & BTCV on a number of jobs in the woods.

Tuesday 31st August 2010 BTCV started work on removing the old rotted & damaged fishing pegs on the biggest pond & replace them with new ones.

The fishing pegs were finished & area around them cleared for easy access.

The pathways & meadows were due to be started at start of December but due to the heavy snow work was delayed until start of January all work was carried out by Lancashire Wild Life Trust.

Richie Davies won the Liverpool City Council’s parks & gardens Calender competition his Photograph is on the front of calender.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood fishing club are helping on the pond cleaning which should be finished by second week in February.

On Wednesday 26th January 2011 the 50 tree donated from BTCV were given out to 5 local schools in the area, also in the Community garden in Catford Green the remaining were planted near the woods.

On Friday 3rd June 2011 the group put a proposal forward to the Board of SLH (South Liverpool Housing) at the annual Neighbours Day’s Dragons Den. Along with other groups in the area, ours was for young children to experience  fishing activities.

The group won the £1,000 prize money, which many young children have appreciated the experience they would not normally have had & it has been such a success that the group has decided to continue after the project finishes.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood have been awarded a Natural Choices grant from Liverpool PCT & will be starting the project soon.

The Friends of Millwood & Alderwood have joined Project Dirt Liverpool hopefully get to meet other groups of like minded people to swap experiences & advice.

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