Bats Galore (hopefully!)

We have linked up with the The Merseyside and West Lancashire Bat Group who have kindly offered us a guided bat walk in Millwood, this is a great opportunity to learn from the experts about the amazing creatures and to have an exciting explore and get a bit batty!  Obviously wtih wildlife we can’t guarantee what we’ll see but bats do live in our area so hopefully we will see plenty of them around our great woodland.

We’re meeting at the main entrance to the wood (greengate on Alderfield Drive) at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th Sept, come and join the fun!



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  • Maria Cunningham says:


    My family lived @128 Alderfield Drive from the 1970’s – late 1990’s. When we were children the flats in Clamley Road lay derelict for several years and during that time a substantial bat colony lived in the flats. I don’t know what species of bat they were or whether they were protected (I was just a kid). The bats were displaced when the flats were redeveloped. It’s good to hear that there are still bats in the woods.

    We were always playing in the woods and fields as kids. It was a great environment to have on your doorstep. So thank you for looking after it.

    Best Regards,


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