Seed gathering

 Have you noticed all the changes happening on and around plants recently in your garden or local park/wood recently?  Lots of pollen is blowing in the breeze (which is very annoying if you have hayfever!) and seeds are popping out on trees and plants all over the place.  The Friends of Millwood are organising a seed collection day in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust and Treedom and the more collectors the better, so please come and join us!  We will be going for a walk to gather as many different types of seeds as we can on Tues 12th June, meeting at 10am at the green gate on Alderfield Drive.  Then we will be going to our new community centre, Noah’s Ark on Ganworth Road, to examine the seeds and pot them up, from 12pm.  Everyone is welcome to come along for the walk or the seed sorting at the centre.  In the longer term we hope these seeds can be transplanted out in to a nursery area at the centre and years down the line we will transplant them out in to the woods.  Now this process obviously happens naturally but we want to offer the opportunity for local people to learn about and enjoy their local woods and help nature in areas where humans haven’t necessarily helped them (for example by pulling new saplings up, or driving over them in 4x4s).

Please dress suitably for a morning out in the woods – suncream if the weather’s like this, or boots & coat if it gets a bit wet again.  Gloves will be provided and refreshments in the centre after our walk.  If you’ve never been to Millwood before, this is the activity for you!

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